‘We are all at the heart of Challenge’Welcome to Challenge College.  The aim of Challenge College is to enable the young people in our care to be the very best that they can be through the support and guidance of our fantastic team of Vertical Tutors, pastoral leaders and SLT link.  Pastoral support is a …

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DISCOVERY – “LEADING THE WAY” I would like to welcome you to Discovery College and introduce myself to you as the new Director of Learning for Discovery College. I feel very proud and privileged to have been appointed into this new role and I am very excited in being given the opportunity to work closely …

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ENDEAVOUR – EXPECT SUCCESS Endeavour College has a fantastic group of Tutors who will insist all members of the College accept responsibility and consistently maintain the highest of standards. The College staff will inspire and support every child to excel with the premise that practice and resilience, not inherent ability are the key to success. …

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